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What Matters This Christmas

As a mom and a human in general, this time of year really distracts us from what matters at Christmas. And I’m not even talking about the fact that Christmas is actually about the birth of Jesus...I think we mostly know that by now so I’m fast forwarding to the next most important thing that we sort of leave in the dust this time of year. 3 days. Three more days until cooking and cleaning and checking ALLLLLLLL of our lists twice and thrice and ....frice? ( HAHA.You get my point ) totally consume us. “Did I get all of my Christmas dinner ingredients in my instacart order?” “Did I get a gift for my cousin?” “Where’s the tissue paper?!” “Ugh! Am I really out of tape?!” “Do I want to dress up or down this year?” You know those little people we called sponges? You might be TELLING them that Christmas is about Jesus, but what are you SHOWING them? Y’all no one is more guilty of this than me. Especially this year. But! We have 3 days to turn that around. 3 days to STILL do all of the things, but outwardly show that our focus is on serving others and loving all of those we come in contact with. We can inwardly freak out about the potatoes we forgot at the store...oooh and will we?! Next year I’ll learn to do better at my inward responses 🤣 This year, I feel the conviction to change my outward response to things. To show my children what it looks like to remain calm over the little things and to truly make this season about Jesus instead of THINGS. If my focus is on Him....His story.....then the tissue paper doesn’t really matter! An example I saw this week from a friend, she probably doesn’t even realize the example she showed..and who knows how it happened in real life VS. what I saw on social media ...but, she apparently ran out of Christmas wrapping paper would you react to that?! I would probably get all cranky, huff and puff and beg/demand to go get a new roll immediately. She posted a picture of birthday wrapping paper that said “Happy Birthday” all over it and wrote “Jesus” under every one of them! As you go about your weekend and getting ready for Tuesday, let’s all commit to ways we can turn every situation into an outward celebration of the birth of Christ. It’s hard, I know. I get it....we host Christmas at our house and there is ALOT to take care or for that day....but it doesn’t have to defeat us or the real reason we’re doing all that we do! Love you guys!! Merry Christmas!!

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