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An Apple a Day: Revised in 2019

“An apple a day keeps the Dr. away"

“Rome wasn’t build in a day"

You’ve heard these time and again. Well, I have a new one for you...


You fill in that blank...fear, anxiety, heartache etc.

I ended with “at bay”...because a Psalm a day won't take these things away from us. I don’t want to give off a false vibe that I read the Bible everyday and my life is perfect and I have no fears or worries. Not true now, never gonna be. hah!

At bay, according to means “at a distance”...I really like that term. Think about the big things in your life right now. Is it making good grades? A break up? Your marriage? Not having cool stuff like the other kids at school? Grieving a loss? Wouldn't it be great if that thing was at a distance?

Whatever it is, sometimes you feel slapped in the face by it, right? I do! Super duper honesty time:

(Where my Office fans at?! I know you’re all thinking about this scene)

My “thing” slaps me in the face anywhere from 3-5 times a W E E K. That’s a lot, and its’ really draining when I’m not plugged into the word like I need to be. Which, lets face busy mama’s sometimes we don’t prioritize that well. So, imagining these things “at a distance” sounds so freeing.

I’ve started something recently...nothing study’s not even a devotional from a book or an app. It’s simply reading one chapter from Psalm every single day.

Here’s the amazing thing about the book of Psalms...they were written by someone who’s going through things that WE are going through, obviously difference circumstances, but similar feelings...crying out to God for help, for vindication, for shelter...SO many specific things. And some are praises, which are so incredibly beautiful when you read it and reference the words to your own situation, even the painful ones. Hopefully I’m making sense here.

It’s no secret if you’ve followed my blog for the last year...Psalm 91 is my all time favorite passage in the Bible. I’ve even thought about teaching an online, live class over it or! How cool/crazy/weird/helpful would that be? Really, I’d like to know your thoughts on that one....

Anyway, I was reading that passage for the 20th time this year and thought “I bet all the other Psalms are this deep and revealing” so I started at chapter 1 and committed to reading one a day...I’m usually most drawn to read when the house is semi-quiet and I’m actually in desperate need for the Lord to take the wheel.

When I close my Bible app (because I legit read from my app every single time, no shame here!)....I feel free. I feel almost silly for getting so worked up over whatever thing is plaguing me that day (which is ironic because I always let it get to me again the next day too), and therein lies the reason I just have to come back tomorrow for more. We will never truly stop having days where we need Him! I wish I could put that into practice more and stop expecting to figure it out on my own...because once I’m in that mindset, things tend to spiral out of control.

Exciting things to come in 2019!! I have a couple specific things I plan to share with you, but I also want to know...what do you want to hear about?!

love you guys. Happy New Year!!

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