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Time for Something New

Hey! I’m Nia: daughter of the King, mother of Symphony, Abram and Juliet, wifey of Sam. I am proudly all of those things day in and day out...but there’s so much more to me than what I’m able to share because...well, laundry for starters. Between driving adorable little people to school, cooking, cleaning, and vlogging (oh yeah, I’m also a youtuber)...I long for reading a book or writing down my thoughts without someone asking me for a snack every time I begin a sentence. I’m ok with the fact that I can’t do those things right now, but I need to find a way to share my deeper thoughts without a camera, without an actual pen (because, those adorable little people),

and also in a space where it’s relatively safe to spill your heart and all your thoughts to people. One goal that I have at the start of all this is to connect with all of you reading. Mom’s sacrifice pretty much all of themselves for those adorable people, and while most of us are incredibly and endlessly grateful for our kids, homes, hubby’s etc, we still NEED to feel connected to other adults who GET it. Do you get it? I knew you would. So, this is my first blog. Community is such a GINORMOUS part of my life and I like to create it and be apart of it wherever I go...I'm super excited to be apart of this new one right now. So, I would keep writing...but like I said...the laundry is calling and I need to get to it! I can’t wait to share more with you guys and hopefully learn a little about you as well (I need to find out how to open up a comments section on this thing...I’ll learn! haha!)


| nia |

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